Helping You Breathe Life into Your Health and Dreams

Each of us has a different journey; a path that is unique, personal and POWERFUL. Everybody knows that to be successful on that journey we have got to have the right tools and skills to get where we want to go, right?
It is my passion and life’s work to inspire you, support you in finding the RIGHT tools to breathe life into your abilities, to create greater physical and financial wealth, as well as enhance your mental and spiritual POWER! Join me and let us see what we can create.

Inspire and Create

Sarah P Horne


Physical health and fitness is a cornerstone for everything else in your life. It is such a vital piece to creating a whole and balanced you. It affects our energy, what we eat, the way we age, our relationships, our minds the whole kit and caboodle! No matter where
you are on your path… the perfect time to take steps to having more energy, greater strength and increased quality
of life is right now.


Essential Oils

Everybody knows our health is one of our most precious possessions. Most people know that almost everything we need to be healthy, is provided to us by the earth. If you’ve ever enjoyed the scent of a lemon
as you hold it close to your nose and take in the fresh, clean aroma, then you’ve enjoyed the benefits of essential oils.
Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications because they have been known to work!

Master Key

There is the old saying, “We become what we think about” However what most people don’t know is that THOUGHT is the one thing we can control. Dreams, goals and desires haven’t panned out? Wanting to discover more about life and what your full potential is? Find out what the buzz is all about and the key that most self-help and self-improvement courses don’t share with you…the HOW. You’ll learn how to be a self-directed thinker and thrive in business, personal relationships, health…all aspects of life and find your bliss!

Wealthy You

Are there some things in your life that you would like to have more of or have the time to enjoy more? Most people see having a home based business as the first step to making those dreams a reality. Wealthy You is a FREE 30 minute webinar, no strings attached, opportunity for you to find out if hands on support and training is for you in creating your dreams. I’ll introduce you to my business and show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

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Find Out More About Me

Card Shark

Hi, I’m Sarah.

I am a wife and mother of two amazing little girls which are my life and bliss. We are a super active family and love being out in nature. Whether I’m out on the lake, hitting the slopes, hiking or running, I love it all. We have a lot of adventures as a family!

May I share a little bit about what I do and why I am so stinking excited to share it with you? I am a professional in the health and fitness industry. I’m a trainer and teach group fitness classes as well. I’m also and advocate for all things wellness. After all, you only get one body once!

I love to work with families and individuals who are seeking to find simple natural solutions that they can use in their lives. I want to help you create more life and inspire you to breathe greater love, health and happiness into the lives of your family, friends and your greatest asset, YOU!

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