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I’m a wife, a mother of two amazing and beautiful girls and I love life! I grew up playing sports, mostly soccer, in an amazing area next to the mountains in the Northern part of Utah. I’ve lived here my whole life and I LOVE it! Utah has it all from hiking to biking, to the amazing pow-pow in the winter to beautiful waterfalls, rivers and lakes in the summertime. I grew up loving the seasons, in fact, with a fall birthday one of my favorite activities was leaf hunting! I would bring home hundreds of colored leaves just soaking in each and every detail of each curve and vein, a kaleidoscope of color. I tell you this because at a young age I was blessed enough to gain an understanding of my divine abilities, qualities which allowed me to start seeing that in all the world around me.

I went on to played college soccer and met my amazing husband Tyson. I knew what I wanted and went for it and that was to help people enjoy better quality AND quantity of life. The way to do that has progressed over the years.

I’ve been in the fitness and wellness industry now for over a decade. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Human Performance Sciences, a Personal Trainer and Health and Fitness Specialist through ACSM and a 200RYT Yoga Alliance Instructor and Therapist. It has been amazing to see how my journey has evolved and developed.

I’ve enjoyed learning always, but there came a time after having my first daughter when I wasn’t sure I wanted to learn much more. I had decided to quit my fulltime corporate wellness career and started my journey of being an entrepreneur. I at times felt very lost, drained and found myself missing “my old life”. Then of course as a mom the guilt cycle begins. I just kept searching and searching using my grit to keep me going at times. Knowing that there had to be more out there to grow and experience.

"We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, but spiritual beings having human experiences."

Spirit and inspiration are a part of everything; our physical health, emotional and mental wellbeing, we like nature abhor a vacuum. What affects one affects the other. This realization has led me to yoga, meditation, holistic remedies such as essential oils, thirsting for ways to eat better and nutritious foods and also to feed and fuel my mind and heart. I strive to be that person with the happy knack attitude; one that observes and IS an eternal learner.

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