Marjoram Essential Oil: A Joy for Your Muscles and Mind

Marjoram is one of those essential oils that most people wonder what to do with and then once they learn a little bit about all of the amazing properties and uses…they realize they can’t live without it! Also known as “joy of the mountains”, was a symbol of happiness for early Greek and Roman civilizations. It has an amazing herbaceous and woody aroma that is grounding and uplifting; Marjoram is a joy for the muscles and mind. It’s seriously a powerhouse; from increasing circulation, to cooking and cleaning, to relaxation!

M is for muscles!  Marjoram is fantastic to use in combination with Frankincense, Deep Blue essential oil blend, lemongrass and Aromatouch massage blend to help relieve tired and sore muscles while increasing circulation, allowing the body to work more effectively. Think relax!  Relax for your physical body and your mind.  After a long hectic day marjoram’s uplifting aroma can be a much needed release. Pure therapeutic grade Marjoram essential oil can be used internally in place of the dried herb when cooking or add a few drops to your diffuser to leave the kitchen fresh and clean.

Tips and Tricks:marjoram_essential_oil

Apply topically to sore or tired muscle area.  For more long-term relief apply multiple times per day and dilute with carrier oil for any skin sensitivity.

Apply to the back of the neck at the end of a long, hard day and remember to BREATH!

Add a couple a drop of marjoram essential oil to your favorite rub on chicken or other poultry.


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