Unaware of the Toxic Chemicals that Lurk in Your Cupboards?

Keeping your home clean is a challenge sometimes but the ingredients you use to do it can be simple. Most people are unaware of the toxic chemicals that lurk and hide in their cupboards and closets. Names of ingredients that are NOT simple nor safe are everywhere and just because they are on the shelf at the store…doesn’t mean they are harmless.   Many have serious side effects acute and chronic from respiratory to skin irritants to autoimmune, thyroid issues and inflammation.

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Some you might recognize such as ammonia, chlorine and formaldehyde that are damaging to the respiratory system, endocrine system and even deadly if mixed with one another. But if you were to look at the back of the label and see the ingredients list how many would be unrecognizable?

hydrochloric acid or trichloroethane

Sodium or calcium hypocrite

How about Butane, Propane, Isobutane or Silicones…by-products of petroleum or gas…and people clean with these ingredients everyday!

There are over 85,000 chemicals that are used commercially in household products every single day and we wonder why cancer and autoimmune diseases are rampant.  These harsh chemicals are not adaptable with our bodies and wreak havoc on cells, some taking years of continual use before they finally manifest.

Healthy can be simple!

As a wife and mom I look every day for opportunities to decrease the toxins that affect myself and my family.  One of the ways I have been able to do that is by making my own household cleaning products. With just a few simple ingredients I have saved hundreds of dollars every year and made it safer in the process.  There are two types of people in this world….those that will continue to try to live in ignorance and keep doing the same old, same old.  And then there are those that want to change-I’ve got a hunch that is YOU-otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post. Those that are constantly looking to find ways to do things in their homes that are more safe, that work, are more convenient and cost effective.

Sarah’s cleaning essential list:

Apple Cider and distilled white vinegar

Baking sodagreen-cleaningb

Castile soap

Avocado, fractionated coconut oil

Silver weaved microfiber clothes for all purpose cleaning

Essential oils

Essential oils are an important part of this list.  I have grown to be such a FAN-atic about them.  Essential Oils work with the body’s chemistry and support it through natural and organic processes.

Essential oils are very concentrated and potent often times 50 to 70xs more concentrated than herbs. Each essential oil has a full spectrum of constituents, natural to the plant. Which makes them so effective and versatile to use in every area of our lives including cleaning. Many essential oils are super hero’s when it comes to the immunity threats that lurk and enter our homes. Essential oils are an excellent natural way to effectively and safely clean your homes while building the immunities in the body as well.

But quality matters…essential oils are not created equally.  So make sure that you are truly working with a therapeutic and superior grade oil that is 100 natural, complete and pure as well as potent which comes down to whether or not the plant was harvested at the right time from its native habitat and so much more

So let’s have some fun!  Here are just a couple of my favorites

Wood Cleaner and Polish:

1 cup avocado or fractionated coconut oil

½ C distilled water

15 drops orange essential oil

15 drops lemon essential oil

Combine ingredients in spray bottle and use with microfiber dusting cloth

All purpose cleaner:

16 oz glass amber bottle.  Fill with water and add 15 drops of a protective blend of essentials including orange, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus.  Combine and use as a hand cleanser, air cleanser and an all purpose surface cleaner. Cinnamon

There is a better way and it costs pennies on the dollar!

Have questions or would like some more information about how to utilize other natural solutions into your home?

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