7 Drops and 7 Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Lavender is one of those plants that is so versatile. Lavender essential oil uses span for hundreds and thousands of years. There is an old saying, “If in doubt, grab the lavender.” Because of it’s amazing array of volatile compounds it makes it an amazing plant and essential oil to use for a large spectrum of health uses.

I remember as a young girl loving to walk past a lavender plant. The beautiful soft purple pods and pale green leaves were so intriguing.  It really wasn’t THAT  beautiful of a flower compared to so many others but yet I was drawn to it.  As I would get low and close up to the plant,  I would smell the sweet and calming aroma and wonderful positive emotions would come to me.  I remember being just so happy. I would pick a small sprig off the plant and cherish it, like a gift.  Years later that little story is such a powerful example of what lavender can do for each of us.

Now, I mentioned earlier that there are some many different benefits of lavender. When using a potent and pure lavender essential oil just 1 drop can be exactly what you needed.  So here are just some of the amazing uses that just 7 drops of lavender can offer you or a loved one:

  • 1 drop inhaled for relaxation and peace
  • 1 drop on your pillow offers a restful night’s sleep
  • 1 drop on the bottoms of the feet can balance metabolism
  • 1 drop soothes chapped skin
  • 1 drop added to shea butter, jojoba or emu oil soothes other skin irritations
  • 1 drop can offer Antioxidant protection to the body
  • 1 drop can decrease head and neck tension


It’s easy to see how quickly lavender can become one of your favorite essential oils.  What are some of your favorite uses?  Leave a comment and let me know what some of your favorites are.

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