Essential Oils truly are a Gift from the Earth

Essential Oils have changed and improved my life and the lives of my family in so many ways. Every parent wants what is best for the child and everybody wishes they had an owner’s manual for each one, right? I feel the same way.

I have used over the counter drugs and prescriptions and I remember after having my first child thinking, “There has got to be a better way.” Well I found it. I was introduced to essential oils after dealing with a running injury. The first few times after I used them with myself or my children I claimed the results as “co-incidental”, but after several instances like this, I started to research more about the volatile compounds found in essential oils. It made perfect sense then…most people believe that nutrition is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle, right?...

…Well essential oils are just that, concentrated nutrition. I continued reading and researching furiously and I realized then what a gift I was holding in my hand. I feel empowered as a wife and as a mom when I use my essential oils. I know that I have something that can help my loved ones at any time without harmful side effects and they work!

What is doTERRA Essential Oil?

Why You Should Choose doTERRA Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils in Your Recipes

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What Essential Oils Can Do For You

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In June of this year I went to California and visited a beach with my sister. I am a fair skinned redhead so sunscreen is ALWAYS in my outside regimen. I made sure my kids were covered and then applied sunscreen to myself. Hours later I realized a horrible thing! I had been severely sunburned on my legs and back. For some reason the sunscreen didn't work! I was 8 months pregnant at the time as well, so I was worried. I immediately began drinking water to combat the dehydration and help my skin. I applied Aloe with very little relief! The pain was off the charts!

The next day I realized the extent of my burns ran all the way from Superficial to Partial thickness bordering on Full thickness burns. A friend of mine noticed my burns and suggested a mixture of doTERRA oils. She gave me the name and number of someone that did doTERRA, Sarah!

She put together a mixture of Lavender, Peppermint & Frankincense in a spray bottle for me with instructions to apply it every couple of hours! I was desperate for relief and so I was very faithful with the application. Within about 6 hours I noticed a significant difference in how I felt, how my legs looked and how much the swelling had gone down!

Within 24 hours I was mostly pain free and could actually move and function! I continued to apply the mixture faithfully and within a few days the color in my legs began to change back to normal. My blisters were reducing themselves as well. And the pain was all gone! Within 1 week ALL of my blisters were gone and the color in my legs was mostly normal.

Now I recommend that mix to anyone in a similar situation. I loved how quickly my legs healed and how quickly I was given pain relief from using them. I am learning more about the oils and the benefits of using them and I am so grateful for them!

Rose Bednarik

Fate was smiling on me when I spoke to a friend about doTerra essential oils. That friend, who gave me incredible support, has had health issues and dropped out. But, she introduced me to Sarah Horne - her (now my) team leader, who introduced me to the rest of the team. When she says you are never alone in this - she means it!! Sarah practices calls with you until it is easy to do. There is a weekly time to develop a plan of action - and we share successes and our challenges with each other working through them together. As a team they share incredible amounts of information, and give you access to training that would cost thousands of dollars. The support is beyond belief - and I have ‘played’ in network marketing a number of times over the years, so I know - if they she are going to do something, make a call with you (Yep - conference calls!! The way to go), get you information, it is done. I feel so blessed to have met Sarah - and the far wider circle of great people I’m working with and have met through her!!

Katie V.

We all have affirmaties, misalignments and hard things. As we reach out to others and show we care... We can share some of the greatest gifts from from the earth ... Essential oils! I love how they have blessed my life and the lives of those I love and care about. I start each day with lemon essential oil in a tall glass of water and end each night with a touch of lavender on my feet to have a good night’s sleep.

Phyllis Fleming

I love to use peppermint as a pest control. I put several drops in a spray bottle and fill the rest with water. I spray for ants and spiders voila! I love having natural options that are so versatile to use in my home.

Roberta Chezik

For a brighter smile I love to use oregano oil with baking soda. I use about a 1/4 cup of baking soda to 5 to 10 drops of oil. I mix it together and put the mixture in a sealed container. I wet my toothbrush and dip the top layer of bristles onto the powder mixture.
I also enjoy making my own toothpaste using clay powder bicarbonate calcium, with mineral salt, water and favorite essential oils, for example On Guard, Oregano, Wild Orange. As a mouth rinse try using a tablespoon of coconut oil with a drop of one of your favorite essential oils and swish and pull oils for several minutes.

Melissa Bodily


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Find Out More About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah.

I am a wife and mother of two amazing little girls which are my life and bliss. We are a super active family and love being out in nature. Whether I’m out on the lake, hitting the slopes, hiking or running, I love it all. We have a lot of adventures as a family!

May I share a little bit about what I do and why I am so stinking excited to share it with you? I am a professional in the health and fitness industry. I’m a trainer and teach group fitness classes as well. I’m also and advocate for all things wellness. After all, you only get one body once!

I love to work with families and individuals who are seeking to find simple natural solutions that they can use in their lives. I want to help you create more life and inspire you to breathe greater love, health and happiness into the lives of your family, friends and your greatest asset, YOU!