A Wholesome Guacamole Recipe: It Will Complete You!

I have a heart warming wholesome guacamole recipe for you that dreams are made of and the body will thank you for. Full of delicious whole food ingredients it will be the crowning jewel of any party or the perfect touch to any meal. First a joke…What did the tortilla chip say to the bowl […]

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Four Benefits of Yoga for the Everyday Athlete

Yoga is over 5,000 years old. For some it seems to be just a silly way to turn one’s body into a human pretzel. Most people don’t realize what this ancient form of physical and mental exercise can do for them…until they finally let go of the ego and JUST get on a mat. Here […]

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Studies Show 4 Key Reflexology Benefits

Reflexology is an alternative therapy that you might also know as zone therapy or “zoning”. It involves the application of pressure to certain areas in the body that reflect or connect to another part of the body.  There is some evidence that zoning has been practiced in China for over 4,000 years as well as […]

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Adding Zest: Key Benefits of Wild Orange Essential Oil

There really isn’t a more distinct and powerful aroma than that of a fresh orange. We’re adding zest to the key benefits of wild orange essential oil! Wild orange essential oil is such an empowering essential oil offering many physical and mental benefits. It’s such a versatile essential oil that can be used aromatically topically […]

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Mind Gym # 2

Another video!  Ha I love myself and the opportunity to keep learning and progressing.  Hopefully my video recording skills continue to improve.  Lovin’ it! Inspire and Create! Video #2  

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7 Drops and 7 Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Lavender is one of those plants that is so versatile. Lavender essential oil uses span for hundreds and thousands of years. There is an old saying, “If in doubt, grab the lavender.” Because of it’s amazing array of volatile compounds it makes it an amazing plant and essential oil to use for a large spectrum […]

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