My Master Key Experience

The world without is a reflection of the world within. What appears without is what has been found within. In the world within may be found infinite Wisdom, infinite Power, infinite supply of all that is necessary, waiting for unfoldment, development and expression. If we recognize these potentialities in the world within they will take form in the world without.”

My Top 3 Pros for the MK Experience

1. We are not a product of circumstance: I never really understood fully what natural, universal principle and laws were “really” until I went through this amazing 6 month course. There is truth all around us. We have to search, seek and find opportunities to have it in our lives….and just a little hint we aren’t going to find it by sitting in front of the boob tube living in some fantasy watching “reality” TV.

One of my favorite principles is the law of attraction.  What we focus on expands…our world within is in direct correlation to what our environment, perspective, our world on the outside looks like.

So what does that mean? 

It means that the law of attraction is science and factual!  The nature of a thing (thought, object, person) will continue to attract like thoughts, objects and people to them. It is a knowledge that a person’s thoughts and emotions will draw like things or compatible things to us.  What an amazing awakening to realize that we are not a product of circumstance but that we can shape and mold our lives-we have a choice people!

2. The real way to change habits: In the Master Keys Experience I came to find out that there are real practical and simple exercises to change habits. I have been in the fitness and wellness industry for years coaching people and helping people, so I thought, change habits. “Lose weight” “Get rid of processed foods” and “Stop destructive behaviors”.  What I didn’t realize is that going back to number 1-what we focus on attracts more of that to us.  So by helping people lose weight I was actually helping them for short periods of time but at the end of the day I wasn’t really helping them at all-I was focusing on the negative aspects of a person’s wellness-Who wants to lose something, or get rid of something? Our minds are amazing!

We get to focus on what we want to really, really, really get what we want. Being strong, healthy, having vitality and energy.

Are these things that you want?

I shifted as a professional and personally in my own life!

3. Do it now: this became a daily affirmation during the 6 month course and still to this day which I repeat several times- multiple times per day. It changed my life! Again supports 1 and 2 reasons that you have already read. How often do we put things off in our life, meaningful goals and dreams or even just the basic stuff like cleaning out the garage? Some people, myself included have found it’s because we are FOCUSING on the negative aspects.  We grew up hating to do chores and jobs, or tasks and then all of a sudden we think magically as adults we are going to love them?  There are some very simple exercises that you learn in the MK course that take these from negative to positive and we learn to just do it—DO IT NOW!  Stop putting off your dreams.  For 11 years I have wanted to get scuba certified and I am finally doing it and it is because of this course that helped me discover  that I was making lame excuses until I realized that this was a priority to me in my life!

My Top 3 Cons for the MK Experience:

1. You won’t be able to watch Disney’s Cool Runnings without crying–or any Disney movie for that matter-so many life lessons about dreams!

2. You’ll be driving in your car reciting your definate major purpose (DMP) with ENTHUSIASM and your neighbor sees you while you are driving and the next time they see you they ask, “what song were you listening to the other day when I passed you in the car? You were really rocking out!”

3. Go back to reason #1 on my pro list and re-read it if you need to understand that what we focus on expands. If you take this course you and you find something counterproductive or negative about this course then you’ve missed the point.  NO ONE can make you have a negative experience but you, NO ONE  can make you feel inferior but you. (P.S. if you haven’t already noticed these really aren’t cons)

My life has been richly blessed by this course. I have met and become close to amazing people from around the world coming together from various religious backgrounds, cultures, livelihoods and ages- discovering…doing…giving more love and goodness all across the globe.

“That which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, everything which inviteth and enticeth to do good and to love God and to serve him, is inspired of God” –Moroni 7

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Inspire and Create!

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