The ANT: Helping YOU Break Through Limits

I was so grateful to three little ants that taught myself and my family an important lesson.

Hypothesis:  Can an ant teach a life lesson on barriers and limiting thoughts?


(Disclaimer: No Ants were harmed in the filming of this movie)

Well we have a yard full of little ants to test this little experiment and it soon turned into a full-fledged case study with my two girls.  Our initial little friend moved freely on a white piece of paper.  We then used a black marker to draw a circle around the insect creating a barrier around him. The ant would move up to the line having trouble moving past limits that had been created for him. This next part is what was so amazing and what I thought was so interesting.  Once that ant figured out that his black prison was just a mirage it quickly broke through what was limiting him.  So we tried it again… Second ant, same result.  First trapped and then the moment it realized the limitation was a figment of its imagination it moved passed imprisonment to freedom.  A third time we completed this little experiment.  This time I filmed this display while Miss H conducted our research.

The third ant once again scurried across the crisp white page.  We drew the first circle around this little guy.  He would test and move toward the line but became limited and afraid to move beyond the wall in front of him. This happened for several seconds. Then he pushed passed that first barrier and it was game over.  Miss H could hardly draw a circle before this little friend would blast through the line; moving past one circle, one barrier and one limitation after the other.

Why is this so stinking exciting might you ask?

Well, it has to do with one of the master keys that I have so readily enveloped and embraced in my life as part of The Master Key Experience and NOW I’ve been able to share it with my children! One of the keys to achievement, success and victory in any situation is mastering…no SMASHING limitations that we think are present in our lives.

Just like those ants the only limitations that exist are those we create in our mind.

It makes me think of one of my favorite quotes from The Master Key System by Charles Haanel,

“There is a world within-The world of thought and feeling and power; of light and life and beauty; and although invisible, Its forces are mighty!”

The world inside us is immense; it can allow us to smash, crush, break through the confines that we ourselves or others draw around us or we can allow them to define us, trap us, imprison us.

This principle is universal for all ages and walks of life. The challenge here is to apply it ourselves and then share it with others.

Had the opportunity to discuss this with Miss H and give her this scenario to apply in her life and world today; to see the light and twinkle in her eye as she realized that any obstacles or limits that she has felt can be shattered, eliminated.  She’ll be sharing this story on her new Youtube Channel The Unicorn Lemonade Stand so watch for that!

3 Tips to Help Break Through:

Daily Meditation and Visualization:

Even if it is just for a few minutes.  Find a quiet spot daily.  For me it’s first thing in the morning before my kids get out of bed. The house is quiet and it is a great time to connect to my Heavenly Father.  This time helps me remember and get associated with the person that I know He KNOWS I am. I notice the more consistent I am with this time…sitting still, visualizing the goals, the breakthroughs…the more vivid they become and imagine this…the BETTER I become at doing it!

Live by Faith, Live by Principle:

Whether it is God, Buddha, Nature or the Universe there is help and resources at your fingertips.  Someone higher up believes in YOU, so believe it when there is great plan for you personally.  Keep the Faith…again the 7 Day Mental Diet I offer for FREE is a great place to start to change the negative mindset or the worrier or mindset or the inadequate mindset etc and begin to realize that what we focus on grows in our lives…so feed the right fire!

Act Now:

A wise man once said, “faith without works is dead”.  You can’t just day dream about breaking all these barriers and then never do anything about it.  Take small steps daily to start creating a weekly, monthly, and annual plan of action that will give you the confidence to go out and get over the walls, escape the traps and live a life of purpose. The Master Key Experience gave me amazing insight into this skillset.

I know… how can I pull all of this out of less than 45 seconds of watching an ant scurry around on a piece of paper?  Well, you can…because what we focus on expands! Want to change what expands and grows in your life? Want to break through barriers and move past what seemed like a limitation?  Thing of the past!  Check out the 7 day mental diet on the right up there and see what it can do for you!


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