Things Aren’t Always What They Seem!


We sit down to eat at a table at a local restaurant as a family for lunch before running miss H to Kindergarten. There is a happy chaos around us, the kind that makes one beam as you watch your posterity in front of you; you are all together, happy but crazy, yet completely satisfied with that craziness.  Quickly the food is distributed and we continued to enjoy one another’s company for several more minutes.  There are two senior women sitting at the table next to us.  Quite enthralled with the site that was before them.  They kept giggling as word blurbs kept coming from our table.

“Stop trying to put that grape in your sister’s eye.”

                “Will you please stop drinking your water like a dog?”

                                    “Four on the floor or you’ll have the opportunity to not have a chair at all.”

“Your fork is not a sword.”

I’m sure at least a small part of these women were longing to have maybe their own posterity back again so close in proximity and then a quick bonk on the head helping them realize it was much more fun watching this scene from a distance as an onlooker then really being back in the trenches.

It was a miracle but we were able to finish our meal in about 30 minutes with no causalities. My husband and I got up to clear our table, then no sooner did I feel like I had a giant bullseye on my backside.  My family was very quick to let me know that I had sat on something white which no glistened and beamed on the surface of my black workout pants. I was thankful for the great attention on my behalf.

The Hubby was on it in a flash quickly trying to rub and clean my derriere off with his hand.  Now mind you we are still sitting in very close, probably too close, to these two wonderful senior women that had been watching our lunch outing as a family like an art exhibit. They had focused on something else for a brief moment and come back to seeing my husband palming at my rump. Of course it wouldn’t come off so naturally he had to get a napkin wet and go at it from a different angle, with a different type of fervor and intensity! These two women became very interested in what was going on just inches from my black and white caboose.  I turned to the two women with confidence and a smidgen of vulnerability,

“I promise it isn’t what it seems.”

The hubby stated with 100% confidence, “I’m quite enjoying myself thank you.” Such a man of few yet very pronounced words.

The two women now had four giant saucers staring back at me and they started to giggle as if they were laughing at something somewhat inappropriate.

With more zeal I responded,

“Yes because I’m sure my husband is totally trying to get fresh with me right now.”

Now the belly laughs rolled in and I just hope that we didn’t cause one or both of those two women to have a heart attack shortly after we left.

“Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what was carefully hidden.” –Plato

The beauty of this story is that it may or may not take on a different meaning for many. That is the beauty of this life and each of our individual journeys. I’ve pondered this small scenario many times over and I most definitely may not be the only one…. J

Many may be deceived but it is the intelligence, the open mindedness of another that observes and therefore perceives to see the details. There is an old saying, “A parachute is a lot like the mind. It works a lot better when it is open.

I have found in my life that it can be very easy to be closed minded about ourselves and others. I believe that this is a way for us as a human race to live at a lower level…a primitive, natural or basic way of thinking and breathing a way that may seem safe but in reality it limits our ability to thrive. There is a level where I believe our Divine Maker created us to think, ponder and perceive. It’s a place where we can show what’s on the inside and not care what others perceive of us and on the flip side a place where we observe and not judge and we can animate, perceive in greater detail the authentic and truth.

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