Week 22a-A Day of At Least 13 Miracles

It seemed that the day could not get any better. Blue sky, warm bright sun; the snow so white a great day for spring skiing. With the entire family-it was euphoric being up there with both my kids and my husband enjoying this amazing landscape located practically in our backyard. All miracles…I remember thinking, this day is just perfect!  Several times in my head….little did I know that, that knowledge would be tested. IMG_20160220_172955 Second to last run down the mountain I’m unzipping my jacket pocket to grab my phone to capture another precious memory of my two daughters and then the worst feeling ever. I’ve got a hunch many of you might know the feeling…my phone was gone.  I knew immediately where it had happened on the previous run.

Miracle #1: I had the prompting and encouragement from my sweet husband to grab my phone to take just one last picture of the day…otherwise I probably would have made it all the way back home without realizing it was gone.

Miracle #2: The opportunity to share in a sweet, simple yet sincere prayer with my family on a ski lift in the middle of a mountain side.

So we proceeded up the ski lift quickly getting off. My husband and youngest daughter making their way to our vehicle while my oldest daughter and I making our way down the mountain to see if we could find my white phone amongst the feet of glistening snow, yes white!

“Don’t worry mom we’ll find it.” I replied, “I know we will sweetie, I don’t know how but we’ll find it.”

Miracle # 3: I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that I KNEW that I would find out…I didn’t know how and I didn’t know when…it could be till the next day or several days before someone would find it but I knew because I know that if we live a life of miracles, seeing miracles, being miracles for ourselves and for others that we then will receive more miracles! I also knew that my daughter knew that. (Miracle #4)

I continually kept praying, kept the faith that I would find my phone. My daughter and I got about half way down the run…to the exact spot where I thought I had lost my phone and about 20 feet in front of me was a glimmering little light that was reflecting off of last few minutes of sunlight for the day.

I thought, “Could it be that easy? My phone sitting literally in the exact spot I thought I left it?”

As I got closer I realized that it was not my phone BUT someone else’s (Miracle #5) it will make more sense later….

So we got to the bottom of the mountain and asked the lift workers if they had found a white phone. NO luck so my daughter and I made our way to the lost and found.  Her stiff ski boots were having a hard time keeping up with my more flexible snowboarding boots.  Several times I felt like I was dragging her, “Mom, wait up!”  “Okay take another breathe” I told myself…”say another prayer in your heart…YOU know you are going to find this phone so why do you have to hurry so quickly?”

I slowed my giant stride down and we made our way to the lost in found in hopes that maybe someone else found my phone and to also turn in the phone I found.  To no avail my phone was not there.  So turned in the other phone and we made our way back outside.

Miracles #6 and #7:  Two complete strangers let me borrow their phones so that I could call my husband to see if anyone had called him with my phone and secondly to meet up with him to drop my daughter off and our gear.

The ski lifts were shut down and the ski patrol had swept the areas for straggling people coming down the mountain and any dropped equipment.  I dropped my oldest daughter off to my husband and made my way back up the mountain to hike it on foot.


Miracle #8: A healthy body that would take me up this mountain in full-on helmet, jacket, snow pants and boots.

I made my way trekking up the mountain when about 50 feet in front of me 2 straggling skiers coming down towards me. Now keep in mind I am watching this entire exchange take place up ahead of me.  One skier, younger, crashed; was coming up off of his knees when he picks something up off the ground. Waiving ahead to whom I soon found out was his father, he was holding what looked like a white phone.  The father stuck it in his jacket pocket.

With my hands cupped over my mouth I yelled, “Did you just find a phone?”

The man made his way towards me and again I asked, “Did you find a phone?” “Yes,” he replied.

He pulled a phone out of his pocket and it was mine!

The father responded, “I am so glad he crashed otherwise I don’t think he would have seen it” (miracle #9)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.” I continued to repeat.

Turned around and made my way back down the mountain, trying to do a quick once-over my phone noticing a large gash in the gel cover of my phone where someone must have skied over it while it was face down in the snow making it almost impossible to find.   Hoping it still worked I called my husband to tell him I had found it.  Relief and then a prayer of gratitude. (Miracle #10)

I’m almost to the bottom of the hill when I see another woman walking towards me.

“Did you find a phone?” She called.

I walked a few more feet so we were in talking distance and I asked her what her phone looked like.  She responded with the exact description of the phone I had found on the mountain when looking for my phone.  I assured her it was safe in lost and found waiting for her!

Miracle #11:  She may have never found her phone if I hadn’t been looking for mine. I told her I had found it when I was looking for it.  The guy this woman was with quickly said, “no way!”

I don’t know all of the other little miracles that happened that day…from the young boy who found my phone…maybe that made a lasting impression on him…to the woman and man that were able to witness a miracle of their own as we literally crossed paths at that EXACT MOMENT! To even the resort employees that recognized me as I came back down the mountain and they couldn’t believe the exchange that had just happened moments earlier.

The ripple effects that each of those miracles made is again a miracle in and of itself. (Miracle #12)

Miracle #13 I have a reminder on my phone each day as I pick it up and rub my finger over the small gash in my gel case.  To remember that miracles are present everywhere and that I believe that my attitude and positive outlook, lack of worry and fear AND the prayer in my heart had EVERYTHING to do with whether or not I would have found my phone that day, in perfect condition. It is a daily reminder to me; miracles are a choice.  A choice to see, to hear, to do and experience.


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