Week 7: The End is Just a New Beginning

I’ve been amazed as I’ve gotten older how much learning there is still left to do!  I remember there was a very small moment as I had just graduated from college and I thought to myself, ” Yeah, I’m done with school!”  Little did I know that the real learning was just about to begin.

In life we are either moving forward or moving backward.  There is the old saying that the real learning starts at the end of your comfort zone.  Well a dear friend of mine, Mary has figured that out too.  There is so much knowledge and truth out there we just have to be open to find it and apply it. Here is a little bit of Mary’s story and you can find all her latest blog posts here

The rubber hit the road. Now it is time to do the self searching and digging into myself work that is required to continue growing. Ouch!  That hurts. I like doing the traditional course work better.  It’s much easier. Even if it took a lot more time it still was easier.

“The early work wasn’t scary either. Maybe it’s just me but this soul searching, total honesty, and really making me be responsible for my feelings, actions, and thoughts is challenging for me. I have to dig under the outer shell that I portray to others and that is difficult.

But all change is scary and often quite difficult. When I get feeling overwhelmed, I must look at my prior self and then visualize my changing self. This journey is worth the rewards at the end of the program. But really, there isn’t an end to this growing. The MKMMA course will end, but it is only the beginning of my new life.”

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