A Wholesome Guacamole Recipe: It Will Complete You!

I have a heart warming wholesome guacamole recipe for you that dreams are made of and the body will thank you for. Full of delicious whole food ingredients it will be the crowning jewel of any party or the perfect touch to any meal.

First a joke…What did the tortilla chip say to the bowl of guacamole?

You complete me!








Now I can’t take credit for the discovery or creation of this recipe.  My husband was traveling in Atlanta and called me after eating this mouth watering, crave inducing delicacy. His exact words, “I just had the most amazing guacamole and I figured out how to make it! Sarah, this is going to be gooooood!”  Thus began the experimenting to create what is before you.

I have always loved avocados and I’ve always loved guacamole.  To often then not the consistency is off it’s to smooth and of course many restaurants add sour cream which isn’t in the food plan. I want fresh ingredients and I want quality ingredients.

Avocados are a power packed whole food. They are actually a fruit and they have become a versatile replacement in many of my recipes from salad dressings and sauces to treats and desserts, yep that’s right…just check out this amazing chocolate mousse.  They are another amazing source, like coconut oil, for essential fatty acids. Many people are still skeptical of it’s uses on a daily basis because of the “low fat” fad diet phase but they offer critical fats, anti-oxidants and many trace minerals that are a vital part of any diet.  With mild flavor and creamy texture they make an awesome addition to your normal eating plan.


Okay, so back to this mouth watering, bright and cheery, aromatic recipe!

What You’ll Need:

2 ripe avocados (you want them firm but able to slightly press into the flesh of the fruit)

1 small to medium roma tomato

3 pieces of uncured, nitrate free bacon or turkey bacon

1 tablespoon of fresh minced garlic

1 bunch of green onions

1/4 of 1 medium sized red onion

Half a bunch of fresh cilantro

1/2 small jalapeno that has been de-seeded and de-spined

3-4 pieces of sun dried tomoatoes

2 tablespoons of your favorite salsa

Zest and juice from 1 lime

Salt and Pepper to taste


1-2 drops of lime essential oil (optional but this adds such an intense citrus flavor that adds to the aroma of this recipe as well-It’s amazing how much this makes a difference in the intensity of the citrus which intensifies all the other flavors in this recipe)


De-pit and place avocados in medium sized bowl.  Chop and mince garlic, green and red onion, tomoatoes, cilantro, pepper and bacon to a very fine consistency. This will help pull the aromatic properties from the garlic, cilantro and the onions which adds to the flavor profile and the SMELL!

Add salsa and the zest and juice of lime and optional lime essential oil and mix and smash all ingredients till you have a chunky consistency. Add salt and pepper to taste…of course taste testing as you go-for the good of everyone else!

Last thing don’t forget the key ingredient…

Don’t forget the organic sweet potato or tortilla chips! They complete this dish!

If you are doubling this recipe-here is a little trick to help keep the guacamole that rich and bright green color.  Keep one of the pits from your avocados in the bowl and then put in a air tight container for later.

Some of my other favorites to enjoy this recipe with: eggs, tacos, grilled salmon, by the spoonful-LOL!






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