You Can Be the CEO of Your  Life

Would you like to create the life you want to start living? Do you feel stuck right now and find yourself often thinking “there has got to be more to my life then this?” Well you can create more and I can show you how.

There really are 2 types of people in the world. Those that blame others for their current situation in life and then there are those that see the bigger picture. They are the movers and the shakers. They make no excuses and they realize that with the right tools, schooling and the right support they can create a different result in their lives. These become the key ingredients to the recipe for success!

You are entitled to make your choices and you get to decide the way you live your life. There is the old saying, “the same action will get you the same results.” To truly find the wealth within, we’ve got to believe that we deserve that life and then find the right avenue and vehicle to get it.

If we are going to make money then we need the right vehicle to get us there. My essential oil network marketing company is a multi-billion dollar company and we are the Number 1 Essential Oil Company in the World. Did I mention we have over an 85% retention rate? It is because the essential oils work!

Everybody knows that if we are going to make some money we also need the right skills. Just like any other business, this business requires work and there are not any short cuts. I have worked with a millionaire for the past few years and learned the proven system, skills and hands on help, that takes you through the process step by step.

Lastly, once we’ve got the vehicle and the skills, we need support from the right people. I make the choice to work with people that have integrity and want to make positive changes in their lives and are willing to do the work! It is Net-work-marketing after all, right? If what I am talking about makes sense and resonates with you, then let us get to work!

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Fate was smiling on me when I spoke to a friend about doTerra essential oils. That friend, who gave me incredible support, has had health issues and dropped out. But, she introduced me to Sarah Horne - her (now my) team leader, who introduced me to the rest of the team. When she says you are never alone in this - she means it!! Sarah practices calls with you until it is easy to do. There is a weekly time to develop a plan of action - and we share successes and our challenges with each other working through them together. As a team they share incredible amounts of information, and give you access to training that would cost thousands of dollars. The support is beyond belief - and I have ‘played’ in network marketing a number of times over the years, so I know - if they she are going to do something, make a call with you (Yep - conference calls!! The way to go), get you information, it is done. I feel so blessed to have met Sarah - and the far wider circle of great people I’m working with and have met through her!!

Katie V.

Find Out More About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah.

I am a wife and mother of two amazing little girls which are my life and bliss. We are a super active family and love being out in nature. Whether I’m out on the lake, hitting the slopes, hiking or running, I love it all. We have a lot of adventures as a family!

May I share a little bit about what I do and why I am so stinking excited to share it with you? I am a professional in the health and fitness industry. I’m a trainer and teach group fitness classes as well. I’m also and advocate for all things wellness. After all, you only get one body once!

I love to work with families and individuals who are seeking to find simple natural solutions that they can use in their lives. I want to help you create more life and inspire you to breathe greater love, health and happiness into the lives of your family and your greatest asset, YOU!